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Engaging in the fourth Group Planning Exercise (GPE) during the SSB interview is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your quick thinking and inventive ideas. During the GPE, your task is to craft a well-thought-out plan to achieve a specific goal. This exercise requires astute decision-making and collaborative skills to prove your leadership potential. It’s an excellent chance to showcase your strategic prowess and problem-solving abilities, setting you apart as a standout candidate. Embrace this challenge with confidence and enthusiasm, as it serves as a platform to exhibit your creativity and analytical thinking under pressure.

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The essential tips for mastering the Group Planning Exercise (GPE) during the SSB interview:

1. Time Management:

Remain mindful of the time limit and allocate efforts judiciously within the designated timeframe. Assess the time constraints and plan tasks accordingly to ensure all endeavors align with the available time.

2. Task Prioritization:

Avoid haphazard actions and instead methodically plan and execute each step by prioritizing tasks based on their significance.

3. Leveraging Hidden Resources:

Consider potential hidden resources within the given scenario and integrate them into your plan to enhance its effectiveness.  For example, if there is a river, consider the availability of water and other potential resources such as fish.

4. Collaboration:

Acknowledge that the Group Planning Exercise is a collaborative effort and actively listen to and consider others’ plans while contributing your insights to the collective strategy.

5. Logical Task Division:

Divide tasks within the group logically to enhance efficiency and safety, showcasing your adeptness at teamwork and leadership.

6. Emphasize Safety:

Prioritize safety at all times and avoid intentionally exposing yourself or others to dangerous situations during the exercise.

7. Situation Analysis and Time Management:

Carefully observe the situation, noting specific details that can influence the plan’s execution.

Meticulously manage time, aligning tasks with the available time to ensure optimal use of resources.

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Group Planning Exercise: Situation

Group planning exercise situation include examples – As eight students from the city of Deer enjoyed a boating trip on the southern side of the river at point A, a day of leisure quickly turned into a series of urgent and potentially perilous predicaments. While one of the group set off to village Tiger to fetch drinking water, a shocking discovery was made: a fish plate on the railway line had been removed. Before they could fully process this unsettling find, a breathless boy arrived, delivering the alarming news that five terrorists had planted a powerful road mine with the intention of assassinating the Chief Minister, who was expected to pass through the area within the hour. The terrorists were reportedly hidden in the nearby jungle, posing an imminent threat.

With tension mounting, a villager approached, seeking help after two young girls were mauled by a tigress and lay unconscious in the jungle. Simultaneously, another local urgently requested aid in extinguishing a haystack fire. At that moment, a messenger from the PCO conveyed the dire news that one of the students’ mothers was seriously ill and required immediate presence, halting them in their tracks.

As if the situation couldn’t become more complex, a young woman from the village, walking alongside them, slipped and fell into a nearby well. With no knowledge of swimming, a sense of desperation took hold. Uncertainty loomed as the group grappled with numerous potential courses of action.

Amidst the turmoil, the village Pradhan, possessing five guns, stood ready to assist. Time was slipping away, with the impending arrival of a train at 1600 hrs. conscious of the limited time at their disposal, the students were left facing a critical decision. Nearby resources included a half-hourly bus service to Deer and Bear, numerous carts in Vill Fox, and a motorboat capable of traveling at 10 KM per hr. With a jeep at their disposal and a spirit of bravery in their hearts, the students were left to weigh their options and determine the best course of action in this intense and multi-faceted crisis.

Amidst this chaos, a distraught villager arrives, seeking assistance after two young girls have been mauled by a tigress, leaving them unconscious in the dense jungle. Simultaneously, another local resident alerts the group to a haystack fire, appealing for their help in containing the blaze. With a PCO and a police post located in Vill Lion, the students are faced with a multitude of pressing challenges that demand swift and calculated decision-making to navigate the complexities of the unfolding crises. As a courageous student with a jeep, how will you address the urgent crises unfolding around you?

Understanding Group Planning Exercise (GPE) in the GTO Testing Process of SSB

The Group Planning Exercise (GPE) is a crucial part of the GTO (Group Testing Officer) assessment in various selection processes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Group Planning Exercise is conducted:

1. Setting the Scene: The GTO presents an outdoor field using a model, setting the stage for the exercise.

2. Narration and Explanation: The GTO narrates the situations and explains the color code, distance, and different figures within the presented scenario.

3. Story Page Handover: Each candidate receives the story page for a brief period of five minutes to absorb the details and implications.

4. Solution Writing: Following the individual reflection time, candidates are given 10 minutes to formulate their solutions to the different problems presented.

5. Group Discussion: A 20-minute group discussion (GD) ensues, during which candidates collaborate to arrive at a collective conclusion.

6. Nomination and Presentation: One candidate is nominated from the group to represent the collective solutions. This candidate narrates the solutions to the GTO using a stick and the map provided.

7. Questioning and Clarifications: The GTO may ask questions or seek clarifications to further assess the group’s problem-solving process and communication skills.

By incorporating these tips into your approach, you can demonstrate resourcefulness, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking, positioning yourself as a standout candidate during the SSB interview process.


1. Count the number of issues and prioritize them based on urgency and importance.

2. Make clear and effective divisions into groups to handle each problem systematically.

3. Focus on completing the most life-saving tasks first, while ensuring all teams are preparing for the mission simultaneously.

4. Utilize common sense resources with the support of villagers, police, and other available assistance to solve the issues collaboratively.

5. Keep track of the time restriction to manage the tasks efficiently.


1. Provide an excessive number of thoughts, which may appear perplexing. Focus on clear and concise communication.

2. Jumble tasks together with little sense of importance. Clearly prioritize and allocate tasks based on their urgency.

3. Spend excessive time on writing that could be better utilized for problem-solving.

4. Fail to clearly divide teams, leading to confusion and inefficiency in addressing the issues.

Crafting an Effective Group Planning Exercise Solution:

When composing a solution for a Group Planning Exercise (GPE), clarity and precision are essential. Start by clearly stating your top priority to ensure a focused approach. Indicate the division of tasks within the group to effectively address each aspect of the problem. Careful utilization of resources is crucial, along with making necessary contact with the proper authorities for support. Furthermore, mention the time and distance considerations to ensure efficient planning. Finally, ensure that the meeting location remains consistent and continue on the planned journey to maintain cohesion and momentum within the group.

In conclusion, by incorporating these tips into your approach, you can demonstrate resourcefulness, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking, positioning yourself as a standout candidate during the SSB interview process.

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