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NDA with schooling after 10th

Shield Defence Academy is one of the best academy for NDA Foundation ( NDA with schooling ) NDA CDS SSB and AFCAT courses in Lucknow. Shield is the finest and leading coaching in India as it imparts all round guidance and panoramic mentorship for NDA written + SSB interview.

As a dominant defence coaching institution, Shield strives and persists to hold a legacy by conveying the finest office cadre selection for the Indian Army, Air force and Navy.

Shield Defence Academy individually does not cover the written examination but also focus attention on the overall SSB interview preparation and also provide NDA with schooling so that you complete your preparation with schooling also.

Shield Defence Academy runs under the imaginative and inspiring insights of our Founder-Director Shivam Shukla Sir.

In the last 10 years Shield Defence Academy, perpetually have given the highest selection for the NDA and in further more exams.
We take gratification not only in shaping career but also in the direction, future, determination and integrity in every dreaming aspirant who walks through our door or who is the part of Shield Defence Academy family.

•The distinctive feature of Shield Defence Academy comprises:

1. NDA with schooling (NDA + 11 + 12) within campus, computer lab, library, smart classes and hostel for (girls and boys) with mess facilities, swimming pool, basketball, boxing, physical training ground.

2. Well organized and methodical study plans in bilingual classes.

3. Meaningful tactics and tricks as per divergent courses.

4. Proficient and highly skilled faculty with direct accessibility to the faculty members.

5. Updated study material, doubt clearing sessions and remedial sessions for deficient scholars.

6. Weekly mock tests on fully NDA pattern.

7. Hostel and mess facility available for both male and female with high security.

8. SSB classes run by ex defence officers retired from various SSB boards.

9. Individual attention to the students with regular notes in the form of PDF for hassle free learning.

10. Everyday counselling for the weak students. 

NDA with schooling

About NDA

One of India’s top institutions, the National Defence Academy (NDA) it is a joint Service Academy of the Indian Armed Forces which prepares cadets for the Army Navy and the Air force. Cadets are trained together, before they go on to their respective service for further professional training to become commissioned  officers in Armed Forces. The NDA is located in Khadakwasla, Pune Maharashtra. NDA offers a comprehensive education that combines academic study physical fitness and military training.

• Pattern and syllabus of NDA:

NDA examination pattern consists of two rounds. 

1. Written Examination. 

2. SSB Interview. 

Each round consists of 900 marks. 

•Written examination includes:

•Maths and General Ability Test (GAT) 

Where maths consists of 300 marks along with 120 questions and each question carries 2.5 marks with (1/3) or 0.83 negative marking and a time duration of 2.5 hours. 

• For the GAT, it consists of 600 marks along with 150 questions and each question carries 4 marks with (1/3) or 1.33 negative marking and a time duration of 2.5 hours. 

•For the SSB interview

SSB stands for Service Selection Board and it is a 5 days process in which candidates who have been recommended undergo medical examination. 

• The 5 days process of SSB interview includes:

•Day-1 Screening Test

•Day-2 Psychological Test

•Day-3 & 4 Group Testing Officers test and interview. 

• Day-5 Conference and Result declaration. 

The recommended candidates have to go for their medical examination, and those candidates who are declared medically fit are finally recommended for training and hence become Commissioned Officers. 

•NDA Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for NDA is set by UPSC and the candidate has to fulfill certain parameters:

•NDA age limit: 15.5 – 18.5 (for giving exams) 

 16.5 – 19.5 (for reaching NDA) 

• Educational Qualifications required: 

The candidate must need a passing certificate in their 10 + 2 examination for the Army wing. 

Candidates aspiring for Air Force and Naval wings must have completed their 12th with Physics Chemistry and Mathematics.

Daily routine for NDA preparation

Join now Shield Defence Academy where we also provides NDA with schooling and hostel facilities including mess.

National Defence Academy is not just an institution, it is a road which paves the route for the future officers in the Indian Armed Forces. 

This examination not only needs academic knowledge it also demands and tests patience, resilience and grit of the dreaming aspirant. 

• Importance of time in NDA preparation:

Getting prepared for the NDA is itself a tough task with numerous aspirants competing every year, one have to make a strategy to accomplish the goal. So, it is very crucial to have a brilliant plan for the study sessions. 

• Best time to study for NDA:

Regulating the daily routine and utilising the proper time is the key for the NDA preparation. One can divide their time slots to have a proper schedule. 

• Division of the times slots include:

•Early Morning (5 AM – 9 AM) 

This is the suitable timing for an early bird who is seeking a fresh start, because the grasping power of the brain is highest and there will be a lack of distractions. 

•Afternoon (12 PM – 3 PM) 

The fruitful hour it is, as this is the post lunch period, so the brain function is on the peak for cognitive function and productive concentration. 

•Evening (6 PM- 9PM) 

This is the ideal time  schedule for the students as this is the flexible hour and it is well suited for the aspirant in which they can focus and there will be absence of interruption. 

•Late Night (9 PM- Midnight) 

Perfect for the night owls as this time period offers a quiet and engrossed environment but the aspirant must ensure to get adequate sleep. 

•To wrap up, preparing for the National Defence Academy demands dedication, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. With rigorous training, unwavering discipline, and a steadfast focus on both physical and mental readiness, aspiring cadets can strive to embody the values of honor, courage, and duty. By embracing the challenges ahead with determination and zeal, one can embark on a transformative journey towards serving one’s nation with pride and distinction.

• Through the corridors of Shield Defence Academy we have witness not just the honing of skills but the shaping of character not merely the pursuit of knowledge but the cultivation of leadership and above all not only the preparation for a career but the forging of a lifelong commitment to serve with valor and honour. Shield provides NDA foundation, NDA with schooling, NDA coaching with hostel, NDA after 10th.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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