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What is NDA?

In Shield defence academy, We prepare our future officers through NDA exams. The National Defence Academy (NDA), is an iconic institution that grooms and nurtures young individuals to become officers in the Indian Armed Force. NDA is the only institute in the whole world that trains the future officers for all the three wings. NDA Exam is the gateway to one of the most prestigious and esteemed institutions in India.

Every year, thousands of young aspirants dream of joining the Armed forces and serving their mother land with honour and valour. The NDA Exam served as the first and foremost step towards realizing their full of valorness dream, and this just no test mental aptitude but physical and psychological strength as well.

Age Limit

The age limit for filing the form of NDA is 16.5 to 19.5.

Eligibility Criteria and Physical Standards?

 To gain admission into the Army Wing of the National Defence Academy, candidates are required to have passed or currently pursuing their class 12th education other than PCM are eligible. For entry into the Airforce, Navy and Naval Academy of the National Defence Academy, candidates must have successfully completed or currently pursuing class 12th education with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are eligible.

The physical standard for the NDA Exam includes specific hight requirements for different categories. For tribbles from the Ladakh region and those from Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands, the minimum height required is 155 cm. Meanwhile, for Gorkhas, Nepali, Kumauni and Uttarakhand candidates and from those of Bhutan, Sikkim and North east region the minimum height required is 152 cm.

Which institution conduct NDA written exam and SSB interview?

The NDA Exams are conducted by Union Public service commission (UPSC), it is one of the sixteen exams conducted by UPSC, twice a year, and it consist of a written examination followed by an extensive interview and physical tests and this is conducted by Service Selection Board. It is divided into two phases. Phase 1- Written carrying 900 marks, Phase 2- SSB Interview Carrying 900 marks.

The written examination comprises two papers: – Mathematics & General Ability Test. The Mathematics Paper test the candidates’ proficiency in concepts of Algebra, trigonometry, calculus & Geometry. Contra wise, GAT Paper accesses their knowledge in English Language, General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Geography & Current Events.

The key to cracking the NDA Exam lies in meticulous preparation, dedication & discipline. Aspirant must have a strong foundation in their Academics, especially in Mathematics & General Knowledge. This shows that it is not easy to serve you country as well you must be hard working, dedicated a full of zeal person. Their must be spirit to do something your country.

Physical fitness is also a vital aspect of the NDA Exam. Aspirants have to clear physical test, including a medical examination and thorough evaluation of their physical capabilities. Furthermore, in addition to physical and academic preparation, candidates must focus on their interpersonal skills and over all personality development.

The interview conducted as part of NDA Exam by SSB evaluates the candidates’ communication skills, leadership qualities, and their awareness of national and international issues. Aspirants must work on enhancing their soft skills, confidence building and presence of mind to excel in the interview round.

Shield defence academy

Since 2015, have been giving wings to its aspirant’s dream.

It’s been considered among the best for National Defence Academy (NDA) exams preparation.

We never once said we are number one, but our results ever proved it!

Shield Defence Academy offers comprehensive classroom coaching for NDA written and SSB interview. With a focus on fostering confidence confidence, we aim to providing aspiring candidates with the ideal platform to achieve their goals.

First and foremost, Shield Defence Academy has the strongest and best recorded performance success by providing hundreds of All India Rank of its aspirants……………

Shield Defence Academy is owing experienced an highly qualified faculty members in their particular subjects, who are well-versed in the NDA Exam syllabus and dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective coaching to their students. The Academy offers a structured and rigorous curriculum tailored to the requirements of the NDA Exams.

Shield Defence Academy not only prepares its aspirants for written exams but also for SSB Interview from the very beginning. This includes in-depth coverage of subjects, by conducting four to five hours of classes, such as Mathematics, General Ability and English, which are crucial for NDA exams and we also provide Problem Solving & Doubt Removal Session with their respected faculty members. We have designed the teaching methodology to ensure that students not only grasp the concepts but also develop the problem solving & time management techniques that are necessary to excel in the exam.

For this we conduct weekly tests on the NDA exam pattern, practice session to help students track their progress and make necessary improvements. And in case of their underperformance, we shift them in remedial classes, for which we charge nothing, to polish them from the very basic.

Additionally, Shield Defence Academy provides a conducive learning environment with modern facilities such as Smart Classroom setups and Infrastructure as well. The academy’s study material, which we provide for free of cost to our aspirants, is geared under the super vision of highly qualified team of SDA to ensure the success of servants of their motherland.

Another factor that sets Shield Defence Academy apart is it focussed on holistic development. In addition to academic preparation, the academy may emphasize physical fitness, personality development and communications skills all of which are integral to success in the NDA exams and subsequent military training. This comprehensive approach helps students build confidence and readiness for their challenges of the NDA selection process and the rigorous military life ahead.

Over and above that, Shield Defence Academy provide expert guidance of retired officers and commanders on the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview classes. Which is a crucial component of the NDA selection process. The proper preparation for SSB Interview is essential, and the Academy’s mentors, retired officers and commanders offers valuable insights and training to polish aspirants present themselves effectively and efficiently as well and to ensure their cent person of success.

We prioritize the personal and physical development of our aspirants in preparation for their professional career in NDA. As the only Academy access to the Ground Testing officer (GTO) Ground, we provide comprehensive and specialized training for NDA Aspirants. Overall with the SDA’s guidance and resources, aspiring candidates can enhance knowledge, skills and confidence ultimately increasing their chance of successfully clearing the NDA exams not only written but we also ensure SSB as well and embarking on a rewarding career in the Armed forces..

In brief, we provide the following facilities to our aspirants:
1) Free career counseling
2) Free study material
3) Smart classrooms
4) 4 to 5-hour classes conducted by professional teachers
5) SSB training by former commanders and officers
6) We have our own ground
7) Ground training
8) Gym facility
9) Weekly tests in NDA pattern
10) Problem-solving and doubt-removal classes

11) Spoken English, Personality Development and Current Affairs Classes
12) We also focus on sharpening soft skills.

Join Shield Defence Academy to unlock your potential and make a meaningful on your future and discover the exciting opportunities to broaden your horizons and thrive with us!

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